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10/18/2013 57 Make Your Own AmyD Coffee Sleeve

Yo! You guys have been so great to us, we thought we’d make this video tutorial showing you how to make your own AmyD Coffee Sleeve! The pattern is here too. Just print it on regular paper and cut it out. You can also trace your favorite coffee shop’s coffee sleeve, but that always feels weird to me.

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9/26/2013 27 Go Big or Go Home

Last night was the Small Business Beanstalk Award Gala at The Bluestone. I’ve not come to tell you about that, alas.* I’m here to talk about the one-man-band Teen Fiction.

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9/16/2013 23 Why not let someone make your day?

The Country Living Fair was this weekend. It was entertaining, exhausting and fantastic all at once. I have a little story to share and then I’m off to the sweatshop. It starts off crappy then has a happy finish, so keep reading!

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3/15/2013 120 Some Inexpensive Off-the-radar Gift Ideas for New Moms and Their Families

Since my pal, Olivia, is having her baby any day, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about good gift ideas for new moms and their families. As a mom to three kids, these are some of the best gifts I got or wanted to get. A couple might already be obvious to you but these were my favorites! Add your ideas too!

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7/17/2012 21 North Market Hat Trick

We are so excited to tell you guys what’s been going on behind the scenes in Ye Olde Sweatshop since then! Our aprons are going to be sold at the Wasserstrom store at the North Market called “The Source.”

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