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7/14/2014 95 Podcasts!

wherein I wax poetic about podcasts

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4/16/2014 375 Thea Starr is coming!

Wherein I express my anticipation about meeting Thea Starr IN PERSON.

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3/5/2014 28 Frozen Pizza Derby

Took a break from preparing for Craftin Outlaws to have the Frozen Pizza Derby. This past weekend was supposed to be Snowmageddon here in Central Ohio, so I thought this would be a fun way to enjoy some family togetherness.

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1/12/2014 14 Do Whatever You Have to Do in Order to Get to Wholly Craft Today!

Make some calls, arrange or rearrange your schedule. Tonight is the Wholly Craft Midnight Madness Sale! We go yearly and it never disappoints. It’s a party with a chocolate fountain and the HOLIDAY APE. Get your pic taken with Holiday Ape, have some snacks, dance a little and get some awesome handmade goods!

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