// Spearmint Check Wino

Spearmint Check Wino

You, my friend, are one-of-a-kind, just like this Wine Bag. When you give this to your pal who is, no doubt, going to be sharing the wine with you, they will think, "Now THAT'S some fancy packaging. And I get to keep it? You're a saint!" Then you will hug and make jokes about how they should open that wine right now and all will be well. You really do have to let them keep the fancy bag so be sure to hint that it would be great to get it back on YOUR birthday or whatever with some wine in it.

Like all of our housewares, this Wine Bag is made with salvaged fabric. So you've got that going for you too!

All of our wine bags have a lightly padded bottom, just in case, like us, you are an enthusiastic giver.


Ships within one business day.  All of our housewares are made with salvaged fabrics. That means we can only make a few of any one style. Besides, we don't want you showing up to the Academy Awards wearing the same apron as Jennifer Lawrence! She would feel awful.

  • Stripey Pink Wine Bag
    Stripey Pink Wine Bag
  • Wino Wine Bag
    Wino Wine Bag
  • Stripey Polka Dot Wine Bag
    Stripey Polka Dot Wine Bag