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7/14/2014 1 Podcasts!

I listen to a lot of podcasts, you guys. Especially when I'm on a sewing deadline and sewing like the wind!

I usually listen through the Stitcher app on my phone. It's like Pandora for podcasts.

My all-time favorite and first love is CraftyPod with Sister Diane. Her voice would launch a thousand ships! Seriously. I can't believe she isn't a millionaire doing voiceover work.  She still has a site and blogs and I think you can find some episodes online in different places. Her passion has taken her in other positive directions though and she doesn't do the podcast anymore, but I had to add her out of simple reverence. My favorite episode of all time is one with her mom when they talk about getting ready for the holidays...

Here are a few of my current favorites. I'd love to hear some of your favorites too as variety is indeed the spice of life!

Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger: You guuuuys! I love Tara Swiger. This is a sort of advice podcast. Not a preachy one or an over-the-top Marie Forleo style one, but a "Look, let's chat and let come up with some ideas" one. I love her laidback style and it's like your nicest girlfriend talking about stuff. You can also listen on Stitcher

Nerdist: Oh Chris Hardwick, is there anything you CAN'T do? On the Nerdist podcast, Chris Hardwick and his friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira chat with usually interesting people about interesting topics. What I like about it is that it's about an hour long so you get to eavesdrop on some insightful conversations. Plus, Chris Hardwick is exceedingly polite and a comedian, so it's never uncomfortable or hard to listen to. I love the Tom Hanks episode and surprisingly, the Crispin Glover one. Just click that link and read the description. Oh yeah, there's often salty language, so heads up!

You Made it Weird: Pete Holmes is the interviewer on this one. It's also under the Nerdist Omnimedia Umbrella. Pete Holmes is a comedian and does the e*Trade baby voice. His interviews skew a little more personal and sometimes not for kids, but always enjoyable and hilarious. They last about an hour too. His interview with Bill Nye is fantastic! Find it here

Fresh Air with Terry Gross : How can you not love Terry Gross? She has the BEST interviews on her show. Oh man, I'd love an episode with Chris Hardwick! I'm sure you know about her, but I had to include it anyway. I remember the first time I heard her show was in around 1989 or so, driving to my job at Borders! good times.

This American Life I think they made fun of this on the Simpsons, so you know it's good. And I'm pretty sure you know about this one already too, but just in case you forgot about it.



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  • avatar MadeByAmyD

    July 14, 2014 Kim Molitor says:

    I've gotten addicted to Podcasts- my favorite is How She Really Does it

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