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5/28/2015 0 Tara Swiger is Coming to Columbus

It's true that it's possible to be a teacher on something without having actually done it. Mr. AmyD has a degree in history and knows a lot about WWII. But for business advice, I prefer to learn from someone who has acutally HAD a successful handmade business. Isn't it better to learn from someone who has actually done the things she is suggesting you do? Enter Tara Swiger!  She is coming to Columbus AND she's teaching a class at Wholly Craft! Why should you care?

I have taken several classes with Tara. This handmade life isn't all fun, glitter and glamour! There's shit to learn! Tara has taught me about marketing, bookkeeping, time management, and goal-setting. There are heaps of people on the internet who want to help you (for a huge fee) grow your business. Tara actually knows what she is talking about because she has been there.

However, if you are looking for a person to say "It's so easy! Anyone can do it!" she's not your gal. Tara is more likely to say "OOHHH! Exciting idea! Let's explore the numbers behind it and figure out if you can make money doing it!"  She is also one to help you find the thing that makes you and the thing you make different from everyone else. And that's why I like working with her. I get results and solid advice.

Her class at Wholly Craft is "Finding Your Customer Path" and here's the link to sign up to attend

Here is the link to Tara's site.. http://www.taraswiger.com

So sign up! I'll be there too!

I'm not getting any kickback for writing this post except the satisfaction that comes with sharing something good.

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